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The fact that Smith is 35yrs old and still exceling and has been in the league for a very long time(the old will his body hold up thing ur using).. He dosen't have to play as long as Smith to be considered a good lengthy NFL career worthy of a 1st rd pick.. In my opinion, if he plays well into his 33-35th birthday, u got a guy who was well worth the late 1st it took to get em..

Jared Allen is 31 and showing no signs of slowing down either..
Ok ... but would you say that they're the norm?

Expecting Margus Hunt to be in the EXTREMELY low percentile of DEs that have that long and storied a career is unrealistic. Especially when starting out with a handicap (being a 26 year old rookie).

That's not to say that he won't be a good DE ... just that first round picks are so scrutinized and prized that any little perceived defect in a prospect will be magnified (and starting 4 years late in an NFL career is hardly a *little* defect).