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  • Antrel Rolle

    5 62.50%
  • Peirre Paul

    1 12.50%
  • Justin Tuck

    0 0%
  • Rookie

    0 0%
  • Entire Defense

    1 12.50%
  • Other

    1 12.50%
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    Is Any Defensive Player Going to Play Football This Year Not Named Rolle Or Paul?

    So the Giants defense was dismal in 2012... a few flashes but no consistent play with the exception of Antrel Rolle and Pierre Paul. The defense never appears to play with an attitude, urgency or fire. We can only hope Coughlin lights a fire under these guys and someone steps up to lead our defense. I greatly miss the days of Taylor, Carson, Banks, Pepper, Armstead and even take a play off or two Strahan.

    One man can change the attitude of many with his actions on the field..... So the question of 2013 is who will step up and lead the defense....

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    Rolle by a landslide.

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    Lival Joseph. He was consistently double teamed. I think he is always overlooked
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    Rolle was horrible last season. The best player last year on defense may have been Prince.

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    he was sooo inconsistent bro... what are you talking about it?


    If i'm not mistaken his work ethic was called into question...

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    the whole D was lame last year. Some guys gave greater effort then others for sure but as a unit they were so so .....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Rolle was horrible last season. The best player last year on defense may have been Prince.
    It was still Paul but Prince really improved from his 1st year. He looks ike he may end up being the elite CB he was projected to be.
    This team will be transitioning on defense over the next 2 years as some of the older players are phased out Osi,Blackburn,Boley,Canty this season, Next season Webster,Tuck, and Rolle may be gone. Time to turn this Defense over to the younger players

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    Prince played like, at the very least, a 2nd team all pro. I'm willing to give JPP a free pass for his lower sack count because he still generated a lot of pressure (teams were just throwing more slants specifically because of him) and because he was the best run-stopper we had on the team. Stevie played decently overall, blew some coverages but also recovered all those INTs.

    Worse performances were Tuck and Webster.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Rolle didn't have a great year last year.

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    The whole Defense has to shape up and focus.

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