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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondring View Post
    Hey you and I agree with about how much he is worth. Without other talent on the field, defense can zero on him like they did when Plax got a new contract in 08.

    When the Giants used Hixon a hot receiver in 08, the offense was more explosive. Then the Giants for some stupid reason used the two back set a lot like a fool and soon the offense was weak and predictable.
    But do you honestly agree with the Steve Smith comparison? Steve Smith lacked many attributes that Cruz has proved to have. Cruz is also just as good a route runner as Smith was. Obviously defenses can zero in on him when Nicks is hurt...he's not a strong physical receiver that can out muscle you outside the hash marks. However, he does have strong hands and he is great at grabbing the ball at its highest point. Additionally, this was Cruz's first year without Nicks for most of the year and our receiving core was lacking due to Mario's departure as well as a rookie in Randle, Hixon not being able to fill the void, and experiments with Barden and Jernigan. Add in a shaky Eli and you have a mediocre passing game that teams could chime in on.

    I'm not saying break the bank on Cruz, but the FO has offered Cruz what they deem reasonable and aren't willing to extend beyond that.
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