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The only idiocy would be that that think Cruz actually cares...he's the new Plaxico.....he couldn't care less...just wants his money. If Wellington were still alive, Cruz would already be gone and the Giants would have an additional 2013 1st round draft choice. There are plenty of great college players and many more Cruz's out there.....why let a small slot receiver commit robbery and hurt the team at many other positions because of his over payment.....move him now.
He got paid the league minimum and we won the SB. That's like being a chef at a 5 star restaurant that constantly gets lauded for their dishes by food critics and makes money hand over fist, yet only earning minimum wage. The guy has a right to bargain for what he think's he is worth. Where is the outcry when the Giants bargained their TV contracts. IDK how the players get villainized when they're are just the men playing for men that make the real bucks.