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This draft we don't have a definitive *need*.

While we could use some perceived help at a few positions, the positions in question are covered (i.e. MLB, RT, etc ...).

We definitely have no need at all of defensive secondary. I think we may go with a CB this draft because it's deep in CBs and we'll look to replace either Ross (this year) or CWeb (next year).

Right Tackle and MLB are the biggest question marks in my mind. Physically we have them answered with Brewer/DD (RT) and Connor/Herzlich (MLB) but I think there are big concerns there (at least from the fan base).

Reese isn't a trade-savvy GM (at least to date) so I don't see us trading back for more picks. I wouldn't mind trading out of the first and picking Brown up as our first pick in the second round and getting a few more picks out of the deal but historically speaking, that's not likely to happen (both us trading back and picking an MLB with our first pick).
We definetly do have defensive needs....if I'm not mistaken, assuming kiwi is back at DE & the season started tomorrow, we don't even have enough LBs(5).....there's spots up for grabs at cb,lb,de,DT..