I've said a few times this past wk or 2 when people around here were so sure that Warmack would not make it to us that we just seen as higly touted G that was supposed to go in the top 15 drop to 24 with Decastro, so its not outta the realm of possiblities, and now there this report, albeit from Walterfootballs site, which some of u don't like and respect as much as i do, but his info, is per ADAM SCHEFTER... Either way, heres what he has to say, as Warmack was on his stock down this wk...

Chance Warmack, G, Alabama
It shows how unsettled the 2013 draft class is when a player who some have touted as best football player available has his stock falling two weeks prior to the draft for no off-the-field reason. That is the case with Warmack as ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Warmack could fall to the 18th pick or lower. There are many teams that reportedly prefer North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper because of his rare athleticism and ability to play center.

Given where guards typically go in the draft, it isn't out of the realm of possibility for Warmack to go in the back half of the first round. Last year many thought Stanford guard David DeCastro would be selected in the top 16 but he fell into the 20s.

Warmack (6-2, 315) is a great run-blocker and pass-protector, but he isn't considered to have the flexibility to play center or tackle. Warmack could be in store for a draft day slide, but it is hard to see him escaping the top 20 because of three teams that need guards - Dallas, New York and Chicago - selecting 18-20.