[quote user="casvdry"][quote user="fourth&forever"][quote user="casvdry"]Thanks to ntegrase for helping me get my account back and the Administrators here at nygiants forums . I couldn't log in all season because I lost my password and my account wasn't tied to an email address, but now I'm back again.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming game but I have a lot of doubts about our ability to win it, unfortunately. An injured Romo, inconsistent OL, prime time game, your home turf.. The odds seem stacked against us.

Prime time and playing in Meadowlands should tilt the odds in your favor, no?
This should be a vicious game. The loser will have his head mounted on a pike. Love it. And there no other team I'd rather play in this situation. Everything on the line against the despised Cowboys. I seethe with venom.
I do however respect a fan such as you or "ntegrase the chimp" coming to talk rationally. Welcome back.
I hope its a great game and may the better team win.[/quote]

Nah, no way. I think we haven't won a Sunday night prime time game all year. Plus, it's at your house and you guys have your backs to the wall, too. This is the kind of game the Cowboys would typically lose.
Welcome back dude. Missed going back and forth with u prior and after giants and cowboys games. However ntegrase has taken up the slack for u just fine.lol