I'M REVVED UP AND READY TO GO FOR NEXT WEEKS 2013 DRAFT. Now that we're past the combines and teams interviewing players, some players have dropped in your estimation and some have moved up. Who do you WANT the Giants to draft in the 1st round (has to be realistic and not Joeckel falling all the way to 19) and who do you think the Giants WILL draft?

For me, I'd like Ogletree or Vaccaro, and I think the Giants will draft one of those two (probably Vaccaro). Yes, I actually believe that JR could take a LB in the 1st RD this year simply because I think Ogletree is worthy of the 19th pick.

I'd really want them to draft Ansah, but I think that he's shot way up the boards at this point and will be gone in the top 10. Regardless, who you do want vs who do you think JR will draft?