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Thread: mocjk draft 4.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOBLUE24 View Post
    I don't think Robinson is around at 7. He will go 3/4 round he is way to versatile.
    doubt he will be taken in the 3or4 rd.


    2015 season tbd

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan12 View Post
    rd 1 Dj Fluker OT Bama
    rd2 Manti Te'o LB ND/Khaseen Green LB Rutgers
    rd3 Darius Slay CB MISS State
    rd4 Sio Moore DE Uconn
    rd5 Kenny Stills WR Oklahoma
    rd6 Zeke Motta S ND
    rd7 Dernard Robinson SLASH Michigan
    rd7 Sean Renfree QB Duke
    I'm not in love with it.

    Fluker is an OG masquerading as an OT.

    I wouldn't touch Teo or his imaginary girl friend. Locker room (and NY media) would rip him apart.

    Darius Slay is a zone corner who can't tackle. He'd translate into a pure man-coverage guy in the NFL (probably a good one too) but we run too much zone to trust a guy who's scared of contact.

    Sio Moore is a LBer, not a DE. I like him more than Teo too but doubling up at that position twice in the first four rounds is doubtful given the Giants drafting history under Reese.

    Love Denard Robinson hehe.

    Overall I like your position choices by and large, just not the personnel.

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