Which would you choose if you had to pick one of the two in the first round and why. I am curious because I do not think Rhodes will be there and Milliner will not be there unless something absolutely insane happened... Banks was considered a top 10 pick at times of the pre draft process. After the combine he is now graded as a late 1st early 2nd. He has great size and can make plays on the ball. He is a little bit slower than I would prefer but he is definitely a good CB. Trufant is a fast CB who is rising up the boards quickly as of late for his Senior Bowl performance and the numbers he threw up at the combine.

I actually find this to be a pretty tough decision but I think that Banks could be a potential lock down CB in the league if he can get his press down good and be able to use his size to his advantage. I really do like Trufant but he doesnt have that great of stats coming out of college. That also is partly because of the fact that teams pretty much avoided his side the entire game because the rest of his team was not great on the defensive end..

Banks Highlight

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