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Thread: Banks or Trufant in the 1st?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    Trufant would certainly be my pick, however, there are some interesting players at CB in the second and third rounds that may be available. Reese says he will pick the best player available and I believe him. It will be interesting to see who he picks.
    I agree about there being plenty of interesting CB prospects in this draft. This has to be one of the best drafts for CB's that I have seen in quite a while. I really hope we capitalize on this and get a CB who really can help us out.

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    I think we need a CB, but i would only take Xavier Rhodes at pick 19, albeit, if we took Trufant, i coulen't be to annoyed, becasue i like em alot, but more pick 25-28ish.. If were to trade down to pick 25-32, i'd be fine taking either Taylor or Trufant.. I honestly believe Jordan Poyer is a late 1st , early 2nd talent, and if were to get him in RD 3 say, i feel we'd have one of the bigger steals in the draft...

    Basically i'd wait, unless Rhodes fell, and even then, i'd still go with Werner if he were on the board, but we do need a CB at some point i think..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
    there is not much drop off between rhodes/milliner and trufant. talk about a reach, dj hayden has an injury history and that alone removes him from contention for the 19th pick.
    that's how I feel about Carradine

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    I'm with Hayden as the third CB...

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