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    New Giants Pumped To Join Team


    Excerpt: "Several new Giants met with reporters Thursday, on the first day of offseason media availability, and they sounded excited about their new team and the upcoming season.

    "I really felt wanted here," said defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins. "Itís hard to explain, but how they looked at playing me, how I fit into the system -- itís a system Iím used to. And then looking at the team -- itís a team that wins, that expects success, not a team thatís rebuilding. Itís a team where Iím coming in and just trying to help them continue the success that theyíve been having in the past."

    Jenkins played for the Eagles the past two seasons, after spending the previous seven in Green Bay. And he's been impressed by what he's seen in the first week of offseason workouts. "Just seeing the work ethic so far. Getting in, and seeing how everybody approaches things, especially with the older guys -- the attendance is pretty high," Jenkins said. "Everybodyís here working hard, and you see them pushing each other, working together as a group."

    Offensive guard Chris Snee, who's gone up against Jenkins many times in the past, said Jenkins is a "tremendous addition."

    "Heís a big man who can rush the quarterback, explosive, and then that allows you to keep other guys on the edge where theyíre more comfortable," Snee added." Read more...
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    Got me pumped. It seems as though everyone's excited about this season. You also have last year rookies excited to show their improvements from their rookie season. I hope everyone stays healthy. I had forgot about Matt Mosely. He was hurt last year and he is very excited to get started.

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    Breezely you took the words right out of my mouth... This is so good to hear about your team, when you have guys coming from different places but they streamline the same message about your organization, it's great. I'm proud to be a Giants fan.

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    If that's not a feel good article for this time of year then I don't know what is.
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