1. Alex Okafor, DE
Yes he seems like a reach. However he's one of the more underrated DE prospects in the draft. This article explains. But if you don't wanna read I'll do a tldr.

*Ansah's stats are short in sample and can be misleading.
Coverage sacks = 5+ seconds
Average sacks = 3.5-5 seconds
Speed sacks = < 3.5 seconds

Okafor is 260 lbs and posts better speed sack rates than guys like Moore, Mingo or Jordan who are 10-20 lbs lighter. But Okafor is also a complete DE, unlike Osi who has a skill in stopping the run.

Also Okafor has a variety of pass rushing moves and is the last prospect you can call a one trick pony. Versatility is key in our defense where Fewell will misuse you. With Okafor's versatility it will be less of an issue. Also note that Okafor is a high mtor, great character guy. The Giants, especially Coughlin look after these types of guys. Remember that what stuck out to Coughlin about David WIlson was not only his skill but the fact he was the only prospect to wear a tie. It seems silly and I agree but hey Coughlin looks out for it. JPP and Prince are also high character guys so Okafor would fit the trend. I'm warming up on Okafor but I can't lie in saying that i'd take a few prospects over him. But with a need for DE I can see Okafor being the pick.

2. Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB

In 2011 and 2012 the Giants' were ranked in the 20s in pass yards given up per game. In 2011 and 2012 there were two CBs responsible for this. In 2011 it was Aaron Ross and to a minor extent Prince. In 2012 it was Corey Webster and Justin Tryon. We often start a bad CB and we usually don't have depth that an even worse one has to play significant snaps. The Giants like tall CBs. Webster, T2 and Prince are the most recent first or second round CBs the Giants' have picked. All of them are at least 6'0''. Blidi fits the bill at being 6'2''. Wreh is a very instinctive CB who has a knack for being physical He is best suited for a zone scheme and since none of our CBs are good at zone Blidi would be an instant remedy.

3.Brian Schwenke, C

Despite the perceived need at OL, the only concern is depth. The Giants' have lived with terrible RT's such as Diehl and McKenzie in 2011 that whoever starts there will probably be even better. Since Reese does not prioritize offensive line, I don't think we'll get one until here. With the surgery to Baas it's clear we need a true backup center and Schwenke can be that and more. Schwenke is one of more athletic interior lineman in this draft. He's got quick feet with the 6th best 10 yard split of all offensive lineman. He showed off good strength too with 30 reps in the bench press.

4. Cooper Taylor, SS

In my signature you'll see Taylor in the 5th but here I'll put him in the 4th. Reason for this being this is a similar situation to the Adrien Robinson pick. He was projected to be a 5th to 6th round pick but the Giants' did not want to wait especially since they didn't have a 5th rounder. Regardless Taylor is one of the hidden gems in this draft. Taylor is listed as a SS but he was asked to do LB drills as well at his pro day. The main reason for this is that Cooper stands tall being either 6'5'' or 6'6'' depending on the source. Imagine that 6'2'' is considered well above average at the safety position and now imagine Taylor who has the height of a basketball player, in coverage. Fewell loves his safety/LB hybrid and Taylor can be the choice. Despite his height Taylor posted a low 4.50 40 yard time which is essentially Hakeem Nicks speed. He can be a weapon in this defense but like Robinson he'll need seasoning.

5. Montori Hughes, DT

The Giants' have done a good job addressing the DT position but in future years the position will again look bleak. However with their current talent the Giants have a need of a run stuffing DT. While Linval is our best man at the job he was inconsistent on double teams and teams were able to run it down the middle. Linval however provided solid pressure on the QB providing the same amount of sacks as Justin Tuck. Hughes is a big guy at 6/4// and 320 lbs. He's a true NT in college and we could sue something like him at a 3 tech. Funnily enough NFL.com 's scouting report has his pro comaprison as Linval but hey if we got two of them I dare you to run it.

6. Rodney Smith, WR

We can't go a year without drafting a WR and Rodney Smith can be the next Barden. Barden may have not been the best pick ever but he provided solid depth even if Coughlin refused to use him. So since I said Smith can be our next Barden he has to be of similar height. As you can tell I place a good value on height since Reese does the same. Honestly I just looked at the tallest receivers but Smith is a decent prospect in his own right. Barden was 6'6'' and it affected his 40 time at a mediocre 4.60. But it's to be expected of someone that tall. However Smith's time is .10 seconds better and is also in the Hakeem Nicks range. I can link many times of where Reese has said he prefers picking prospects with good speed and height so I tried to do it too.

7. Jonathan Stewart, ILB

As usual the Giants wait late for a linebacker. I'm against most of those in the first but I do hope they take one before the late rounds again. The Giants don't have MLB depth. Herzlich is better as a SAM and we have Williams and Paysinger at the WILL. Stewart is another tallish prospect for his position at 6'4''. He has good straight line speed but lacks great coverage ability. He's a stout run stopper and is a solid rotational player to ease our terrible interior run defense.

7 (comp pick) Daimion Stafford FS
We have solid safeties but only Stevie Brown is adept at coverage and even then ehw as susceptible in breakdowns. Stafford is best suited for deep cover zones so he'll be perfect depth here. He also fits the height and speed build of what the Giants' look for in their DBs.