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    How I would build this team (fix glarring weaknesses)

    In no order and this is based on this year and other recent years of performance and what is lacking.

    -Blocking TE - Like a Howard Cross/Dan Campbell type. Switch offense to 2 TE sets and scrap our poor passing attack.

    -3rd Down Back - look at Sproles, Danny woodhead have you seen what these guys do for these teams ?? Sadly killdrive wouldnt utilize them properly.
    This team has needed a 3rd down back for years yet we ignore this ?????? We simply like to throw 30 yards down the sideline when its 3rd and 5 yet we wonder why we are the 3 and out kings of the NFL.

    - Tough OLINE Men, not little nacy boys. Look at bears Long man he is a stud. Look at Fluker on Chargers a team that drafts well. Except man taio or whatever his name is. not a huge fan. But Fluker stud. Beatty should be moved to RT and Pugh to Guard keep Diehl because he can be a backup and draft LT with 1st pick in draft because we all know Beatty is not the answer or wasnt this year. Keep Booth but get new bodies everywhere else. mauler types nasty oline men.

    - Weakside backer. Resign beason is a must but can we not groom J Williams to play weakside ???? if not we need someone who can make plays from this position. This to me is where the play making should be coming from.

    RB ? I dont know about Wilson yet so I wont write much on this but assuming he comes back we need some depth, later rounds or in F/A I am sure we can pick up a decent back.

    DE- need another young kid to add depth and be able to start eventually.

    Now get rid of the coaches change offense and get a new DC who will attack and not rush 2.

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    What would you do at WR?
    Do not feed the trolls.

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    lol at people still wanting diehl on the roster but then complaining about no offensive linemen talent being able to develop

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    I'd like to start and try to acquire Center Alex Mack if at all possible. Doubt the Browns let me go, but with the firing of the coach, he might be more inclined to just get out. He would be a great anchor for the center of the o-line. Baas was originally a guard, so maybe we can see if he plays better at that position, while we draft two guards to compete for those spots. I'm inclined to give Beatty another shot at LT, but while drafting a tackle for youth and depth, just in case.

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