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Thread: Jerrell Jernigan Bust or Breakout Season

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    Jerrell Jernigan Bust or Breakout Season

    I've seen Jernigan in on some plays. He looks like he could be a playmaker, i think he needs more playing time. As that slot receiver he could be perfect with cruz and nicks on the outside. The return against they Saints was the best, but he leaves much to be desired. Guy can't catch a cold on PR. Bust or Breakout?
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    Jerrel Loligan

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    Cruz isn't an outside guy unless we are in 2 WR sets. He plays inside most of the time.

    The 3 Wrs who will get the most playtime will be Nicks, Randle and Cruz. JJ will continue to be odd man out until he proves he can produce or until 1 of the 3 ahead of him falls to injury.

    To date, he has been a bust. He will have 1 more year to make it right.

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    I don't think he's sees the field much with Nicks, Cruz, Randle & Murphy

    I think his value is a special teamer

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    I say semi-breakout. He was more involved as the season went along and with Hixon and Ramses (likely gone) that'll move him up the depth chart. Him and Murphy could duke it out for the 4th but I'll say....400-500 yards & 3 TD's.

    Of course if I made an Andre Brown type prediction JJ would have about 1,200 yards 12 TD's & 90 receptions.
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    Double J is a non factor, no point in talking about him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    I don't think he's sees the field much with Nicks, Cruz, Randle & Murphy

    I think his value is a special teamer
    This (barring injury to the people you mentioned...knock on wood)

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    I predict he has a hard time making the final cut. At best he's the 5th receiver.

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    Only way he gets on the field regularly is if Cruz gets hurt and we need a slot guy...

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    Playing outside he probably is 5th behind Nicks, Cruz, Randle and Murphy...god forbid Giants draft someone...

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