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Thread: Jerrell Jernigan Bust or Breakout Season

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    I feel its not even that he's a bust, just there is Noo room on thus team, our other guys are better and he cant contribute

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJ View Post
    I feel its not even that he's a bust, just there is Noo room on thus team, our other guys are better and he cant contribute
    I share your opinion about Jernigan's (lack) of ability to contribute.

    But assuming that is an accurate evaluation of him, then we are all engaged in an exercise of semantics on this board.

    Because, given the fact that Jernigan was drafted in the 3rd rd of 2011 draft, 4 months prior to Smith actually leaving at the last minute via FA (indicating that until that last moment Giants' FO had a reasonable expectation of Smith re signing with the Giants, according to everything they said after the "surprise" departure of Smith), given the fact that in the 2012 off season Giants chose to allow Manningham to depart via FA, given this current off season Giants chose to allow Barden and Hixon (2 WRs supposedly "ahead" of Jernigan) to leave via FA, and given that the Giants picked up little-used 4-year vet Murphy via FA--the fact that even the obsessed, die-hard Jernigan fans feel compelled to defend Jernigan's lack of production to date indicate this guy has not even come close to living up to Giants expectations for a 3rd rd WR pick.

    As you understandably state, even today there appears to be no room for him on this team.

    After two complete injury-free seasons, and after the loss of 4 receivers and the addition of an under used 4 year vet over the course of those two seasons, it is still questionable as to what Jernigan can contribute.

    At the very least, if he had proven himself to be a reliable contributor as a kick/punt returner, there would be very little debate right now about his usefulness. He has not proven himself in that regard, which to me is his greatest failing after his first 2 years..

    (BTW, David Tyree was drafted as technically a WR in the 03 draft, but Fassil said at the time that he was selected as much for his anticipated special teams value as much as a potential WR contributor. And Tyree delivered as a special teams star right out the gate as a rookie. Point of this is that while Tyree was then , similar to Jernigan now, little used as a WR, he had had demonstrative value to the team. Jernigan, after 2 years, has not so demonstrated)

    Regardless of whether or not the "bust" label is correctly applied to Jernigan (I say it is correctly applied), it cannot be disputed he has definitely not delivered--as a receiver or as a valuable special teams player-- after 2 complete, injury-free, seasons.

    I just find it curious that on this board, in every thread concerning Cruz and/or Nicks future contracts, the prevailing critiques of either or both is the old saw "it's not about what will you do for me, but what have you done for me lately" in the NFL. Yet concerning Jernigan the script is flipped. Why is that?
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    the kid doesn't get on the field inless it's in 4 wide sets and we barely run those..when has he had a chance to show you he isn't valuable as a receiver? Can't call someone a bust that never got a chance. Moss at least had time on the field to prove he sucked.

    As far as a punt returner he looked scared back there, I agree with you. As a kick returner he showed some flashes but too inconsistent

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    Barden was a bust though. Has anyone signed him?
    That would be a "tall" order!
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    That would be a "tall" order!
    LOL You always bring threads to new heights.
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlessedinBlue22 View Post
    I've seen Jernigan in on some plays. He looks like he could be a playmaker, i think he needs more playing time. As that slot receiver he could be perfect with cruz and nicks on the outside. The return against they Saints was the best, but he leaves much to be desired. Guy can't catch a cold on PR. Bust or Breakout?
    This guy has an eye for talent!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    maybe the FO is being patient with him. bc when preseason/the training camps come along, he is almost always mentioned as one of the top performers, startr ot not.
    he even started the week 1 preseason game last yr iirc, he at least was targeted in the endzone. we all know it was a PI lol...

    nah, but he does have amazing lateral quickness, and very good speed. he's like a poor mans tevon austin really. can use him a multitude of ways. i guess the FO wants him to be a legit WR before getting some of the other stuff on field like the end arounds, and out of the backfield type stuff...he can get seperation bc of his quickness/burst/agility. i think that the game is speeding up for him when he is expecting the pass bc thats pretty much the only time his feet get happy...
    i know that when we drafted him, there wasnt anyone happier than me. i watched this kid play a lot bc troy was in my alma's division the sun belt. i think a poor mans tavon austin is pretty fair. the ceilings high for him.

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    Their is still the problem of getting on the field when Cruz is healthy.

    Gilbride couldn't figure out how to utilize multiple inside receivers.

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    and anyone using the bust label is being a little absurd for a few legitimate reasons;

    WR is a position that can take a few years to learn, and it's taken some of the greats 3 yrs to get it down. Toomer would have been a never was if 2 yrs was enough of a sample in determining a players value. Jerry Rice has said himself many times how the game was fast for him the first few years.

    Another valid reason imo is the scheme. its not a plug n play system. it takes time to digest the scheme. we've heard and read this for years amd years now.
    i wont argue that JJ has been a ghost for the most part during the seasons. that does not mean he does not have skill/game that can be a contributingg factor, ST or not.

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    JJ certainly looked dynamic in the last couple of games. I was shocked (and pleased) to see it. Where has he been all this time?

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