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Thread: Fluker might go #7 overall to the Cardinals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    Not bashing Fluker, but I would be surprised if he went that early. I think this is a rumor only.

    With regards to his weight. It is always a good thing when a player takes this draft process seriously and gets himself in better shape for it. That is what Fluker did. But, you cannot ignore the fact that he has had weight problems in his past. It was widely reported that he spent time this past season over 400 lbs.

    Many GMs treat weight problems similarly to am off the field character concern because it has ruined many a career. The NFL demands discipline and playing tackle is 1 of the most discipline demanding positions.
    I'd like to see those reports because physically he's actually pretty well put together, not like say another Bama Olineman who went top 10, Andre Smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinfarmer View Post
    lol I hope so. Push the better players back.And the Cards just drafted Bobby Massie last year.
    this, I've heard the Cards are high on Massie.. I doudt they spend a early pick on a RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    this, I've heard the Cards are high on Massie.. I doudt they spend a early pick on a RT
    I wanted Massie, I heard he started ruff but came along throughout the season....Any team spending a top 10 pick on a Tackle that's not a LT is insane imo...

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    "Several scouts" around the NFL have expressed concerns about Alabama RT D.J. Fluker's "study and work habits.""Great kid, but you don't want him doing your taxes," said one scout. Another scout compared Fluker to a stronger, more competitive version of Bryan Bulaga, but "maybe not as smart." Fluker bounced around three high schools because his family was forced out of New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. It's not surprising he may be a bit learning-deficient. We still like Fluker to be a top-12 pick.
    Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Apr 20 - 4:25 PM

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    I admit when I watched that Sports Science bit I couldn't believe how much better in shape he looked. No stomach flabbing out or anything. He looked great.

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