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    Big Blue View's Rules For N FL Draft Success


    Excerpt: "The 'Big Blue View Rules For Draft Success' were created a year ago. They will be an annual part of the NFL Draft coverage here, and with the Draft almost upon us it is time to break them out for this year.

    These rules are my draft beliefs, and I'm sure they will change over time. I am also certain they are impacted by watching what the New York Giants have done over the years in the draft. Anyway, here they are.

    1. Draft 'Value' Over Perceived 'Need'

    Truth is, you are never certain what your 'needs' are going to be in any given NFL season. Do you think the Giants thought they would be picking wide receivers off the street and putting them into the lineup in 2010? Or that they would put a half-dozen cornerbacks on injured reserve? You draft the best players, that's how you build long-term success.The exception to this comes in the late rounds. Toward the end of the draft I believe it is perfectly OK to target a position of need and say 'we have to get at least one player who plays this position.'One thing that is no doubt true when it comes to assessing 'value.' A team's perception of 'value' has to be impacted by its perception of its 'needs.' My point is this, though. If you believe you need a wide receiver, but there is not one on the board who you believe is a player who should be drafted at that stage of the draft, you don't grab a lower-ranked wide receiver. Trust your evaluation, and take a receiver when the value and the need are a match. In the end, you wind up with a more talented roster that way.This, I believe, is the way the Giants have historically handled the draft." Read more...
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    I like that comment about Running backs, and at the same time i'm scared. What if Wilson turns out to be the next Wheatley?

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    I like that comment about Running backs, and at the same time i'm scared. What if Wilson turns out to be the next Wheatley?
    take it back!!

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