New York Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese isn't overly thrilled about picking 19th overall in the 2013 NFL Draft, and expects his teams to be better. That said, picking mid-round has its advantages, and Reese expects his first three picks to come in an contribute immediately.

“Hopefully we can get a player who can come in — I always say this [about] your first three picks — you want those guys to come in and contribute for you right away," Reese said earlier this week. “Hopefully you will get a couple of starters out of them. So hopefully we will get a good player at 19. I think we will."

Despite recent speculation (mostly amongst fans) that the Giants' "best player available" philosophy is nothing more than a coincidence, Reese reiterated in his first spring conference that that's exactly what he and Big Blue intend to do.

"We try to pick the best player available, Reese said." Read more...