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OK, this thread is going to go on to next season. I'll say this again, Eli is the best QB the GIants have ever had for the simple reason he has won 2 come from behind SB's with his arm. Not even Y.A Title can claim that. Simms won one SB with a great defense and missed the other one. Now Eli will have thrown for the most yards for the Giants in the history of the organization. Enough said!
It's not about a competition. And as big a Simms fan as I am, I'm very happy to see Eli breaking Phil's records because it means positive things for the Giants, and Eli is a very likeable guy as well.

As for the defense, there is no denying how great the '86 Giants defense was. But in that Super Bowl it was Phil's performance that we all think about, not our defense. In Super Bowl's XLII & XLVI our defense surrendered less points than our XXI team did which was one of the keys to victory because our offense was incapable of scoring many points.

As for which one is best? They traveled different paths, played in different eras, and have different qualities. In the end Eli will have all the records to go with his Super Bowl MVP's, so barring injury, it's a pretty obvious conclusion.