I think Kenny Vaccaro is the TOP defensive player talent wise in this draft. Yeah I know, who cares what I think lol. The Giants need a playmaker in the secondary, a true ball hawk safety. I don't think Stevie Brown is the answer, and Rolle now plays in the box.

The Dolphins will trade that 12 pick. If Vaccaro is still there at 12, trade up and take him! He is a ball hawk, great skills, great work ethic, and they say he's a great charchter guy.

I also love Mississippi State CB Darius Slay in the 2nd Rd.

The Giants defense looked a little on the slow side last year. Lets get some young explosive talent in our secondary to lineup against RG3, Romo, Vick, Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson etc.

I'm sure I'm way off, but you never know. That's what's cool about the draft.