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Thread: darrius slay

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan12 View Post
    NFL | Darius Slay injured
    Wed, 24 Apr 2013 05:21:58 -0700

    Mississippi State CB Darius Slay (knee) has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus in his knee. The injury apparently occurred at his Pro Day March 6.

    Comment | Source: ProFootballTalk.com - Mike Florio | Share:

    Read more: http://www.kffl.com/hotw/NFL?page=1#ixzz2ROQLffOy
    That's really bad news, I feel for the kid. Hope he recovers soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGfanSTRICK View Post
    I really did not understand the hype about him either. He is terrible at tackling but he does have pretty goof ball skills I will give him that.
    Awesome, we need more comedy on this team. Eli is pretty goofy, but you can always use a guy with goof ball skills. Girls like guys with skills.
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