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Thread: possible Boley return?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen46 View Post
    He had his career high in interceptions last year, with 3. He had his career 3rd most tackles in a season last year, with his 2nd best the year before.

    I don't know I'd call him one of the worst cover LBs last year, or that he'd "lost a step". He wasn't cut loose because of diminished production. It was strictly a cap casualty move.

    Is that why nobody has shown serious interest in him as a free agent? He has been available for some time now.

    Also, why was his snap count so dramatically reduced late in the season in favor of Williams? Towards the end of the season he was playing ~25% of the snaps compared being among the highest on the defense in snap count earlier in the season.

    The fact is he was clearly on the decline, his PFF grade for last year was -8.6 and he graded negatively in Run defense, pass defense and pass rush.

    I do not deny his being released was a numbers game, but typically the guys who aren't earning their pay tend to get cut more often and even more often the guys who aren't earning their pay aren't playing well. Boley did not play well last year.
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    It wouldn't be a bad move for veteran minimum, he certainly knows the system and could provide valuable leadership and depth if it comes down to it. Problem is he was injured and awful lot the last couple of years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen46 View Post
    And Rocky Bernard.
    Phil McConkey

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    "Hasn't drawn an ounce of known interest" . . . . that is telling

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    Ok...we've got enough old and marginal LB's on this team.
    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen46 View Post
    He had his career high in interceptions last year, with 3.
    Those came in the first three weeks of the season, though.

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    the Giants LB group is a mess......
    Boley in or out wont really matter too much..
    the group is mediocre at best.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    Source: Tom Rock on Twitter Apr 24 - 10:55 PM
    A little early for this ... after the draft most of the guys like Boley will get gobbled up.

    I wouldn't want him back on the Giants even at vet minimum though.

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    He was purely a cap casualty.......at the right price I'm game for it.......for depth more than anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    If Williams gets hurt, maybe. And Williams has been hurt before...
    Not if, when.

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