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Thread: possible Boley return?

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    Though Reese has drafted LB's more than any other position the earliest he's made a move on one (outside of pass rushing Clint Sintim) is the 4th round. Would like to see them draft one in the earlier rounds. And again outside of Sintim it's been 22 years since they drafted one in the 2nd round or earlier.
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    I am not saying Paysinger is the answer. I am saying Paysinger or some potential draft pick is the answer. We already know that Boley is NOT the answer as last year showed.

    We absolutely need to add youth and speed to this defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cags View Post
    Hmmm I dont think so. He seemed to fall out of favor with TC. I dont remember the last time we cut someone and resigned him. Aaron Ross came back to us, but we didn't cut him.
    We've done it before. It is not really being cut. It is more like, go test the market. We don't think we can pay you that much but if you don't get a better offer, come back and let's talk.
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    Move forward and allow the younger guys to get reps. At Boley's current level, we can easily get someone to fill those numbers and potentially increase them.

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    Did he get faster since being released? NOT, Thanks for the memories MB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownWitJPP View Post
    there was a pie chart on the homepage of which position Jerry Reese drafts the most and LB was the most frequent..I was shocked. We just suck at drafting them. For what its worth I actually like Paysinger tho I think he can be pretty good

    It's weird . . . the FO seems to be so good at identifying pass-rushing talent, but really is below average at assessing LB talent. Maybe that's due to the fact that it usually uses the high picks on the pass rushers and the high picks have a lower risk factor . . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by myles2424 View Post
    Do we refuse to draft LBs soo much that we actually have to have this conversation?
    If a LBer -- that is talented enough to trump the fact that he plays the least important position on modern day 43 defenses -- falls, then we'll draft him accordingly.
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