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Thread: Mock Draft 1.9

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    Mock Draft 1.9

    Not reflecting any FA moves...

    Round 1 - Kahlil Mack, LB - Buffalo..... no way this kid makes it past NYG at #12. He has fantastic instincts and has great size. he dominated his competition.

    Round 2 - La'Ell Collins, OT/OG - LSU.... Versitile. Giants love a versitile guy on the O-Line and Collins has been awesome this season. He did well this year at LT, which could be an option in the NFL. He is a fantastic run blocker and has the ability to slide inside to Guard, should the Giants want to use him there.

    Round 3 - Marcus Roberson, CB - Florida... great size and speed. He does a great job in man coverage and his stats may not reflect much, but it shows that offenses threw the ball in the opposite direction.

    Round 4 - Jordan Matthews, WR - Vanderbilt... Great hands! He may not be the deep threat that Nicks was, but his kid knows how to catch the ball and move the chains. If Nicks leaves, the Giants need to replace somehow.

    Round 5 - Andre Williams, RB - Boston College.....Production? On a team as terrible as BC and in a conference with supreme athletes, Williams still delivered. He doesnt have the speed you might want, but his vision and power are demonstrated. Wilson's career is in jeopardy and with the NFL now a pass happy league, RB's are not something to invest early round picks on.

    Round 6 - Andrew Jackson, ILB - Western Kentucky... Thumper! He hits like a truck and loves to stick his nose in everything. LB was a major issue for the Giants this past season and while i do think they will bring back Beason. It will only be for a short term. Mack and Jackson would be great additions.

    Round 7 - **Jon Beason**
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    2014 Draft:
    Round 1 - Eric Ebron, TE - North Carolina
    Round 2 - David Yankey, OG - Stanford
    Round 3 - Allen Robinson, WR - Penn State
    Round 4 - Anthony Johnson, DT - LSU
    Round 5 - Rashaad Reynolds, CB - Oregon State
    Round 6 - Andrew Jackson, ILB - W. Kentucky
    Round 7 - ** Traded for Jon Beason **

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    love Andre Williams.... and Mack

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    Like the picks. I would be shocked if Jordan Matthews is there that late. I really want him too though.
    2014 MOCK DRAFT:
    1. CJ Mosley (Alabama, LB)
    2. Odell Beckham Sr. (LSU, WR)
    3. Tre Mason (Auburn, RB)
    4. Anthony Steen (Alabama, OG)

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    Jordan Matthews will be a 1st or 2nd rounder pretty much guaranteed. He is a beast though.... I like Andrew Jackson he was one of my sleeper guys at the beginning of the year.

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    Swap Jeff Jannis WR for Mathews in the 4th and I'm on board! Jannis has the size and speed!

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    I forgot to mention the Collins pick and the Roberson pick intrigued me. I have heard good things about both but I haven't seen much of them

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    Early to say, but based on the tenor of this week, I'd be shocked if the first pick is defensive.

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    Nice mock, but Andre won't be available in the 5th?

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    I think that Mack does not fit the Giants system, he's more of a 3-4 pass rusher. I think that Williams is a great value pick in the 5th, while he lacks top speed and is not a full blow bruising back, he's a solid guy who could eat up carries. First round I think Giants need to go Guard, TE, or CB pending the FA moves they make. If I were them this kid from Mich. State Dennard at CB is going to be special, even at 12 I'd take him or I'd trade back and get the monster Cyril Richardson from Baylor. Both I think are very possible moves at 12

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