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    Vikings want Teo, willing to trade up

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    Giants (19) could be a perfect fit for grabbing Teo.

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    That's the story but they are in the market for a WR and a CB too.
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    Moving back to 23 or 25 would make me happy if it means grabbing an extra 3rd. Doubt we would get a 2nd.

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    They can have him

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    I would be happy with picking up an extra third. 23 would be a good place to pick DJ Fluker or Carradine if theyre still on the board

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    Well, If Jones is gone and we dont go the Ogle route, Id rather trade down and get Brown, Minter, or Greene over Teo. Or just wait for Sio or Bostic. Teo seems more of a 2nd rounder to me.
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    Te'o would be perfect in Minnesota.. not a good fit here in NY

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    Id do it in a heart beat. Unless Ziggy is there, which he wont be.
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    I thought if they traded up for anyone it would be Tavon. Hard to believe they'd move up for Manti when they could just stay put and get a better player in Arthur Brown. Not sure I understand it but I wouldn't be opposed to them doing it, that's for sure.
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