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Thread: Reuben Randle & pre-draft party news

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    Quote Originally Posted by myles2424 View Post
    Calm down guys....Its part of the culture, hats to match the sneakers.....
    I don't even know what the hell you guys are talking about, but if I had to guess he was wearing the Dolphin colorway Penny 5's....
    he could easily get a NYG hat in a Miami colorway

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    Quote Originally Posted by titwio View Post
    RF, you starting an official draft thread cause

    :::looks at his watch::::

    It's less than an hour away and I'm ready to roll.
    I think there is one in the Draft Forum
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by titwio View Post
    Yeah but what if he needed green to match his kicks and wore an Eagles hat?

    I'm not making a big deal over it but I do think it was thoughtless and a bit immature.
    Well you obviously don't wear a rival hat, but you always see athletes wearing the classic NY Yankee hat, no harm no foul.....it's fashion....although if it was me, I'd Atleast wear a baseball team hat rather than a NFL hat...

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    He's making Manningham look like a flipping genius! What a tool...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    did he seriously show up in a Dolphins cap?

    someone smack this kid

    you just don't do that

    pick any team from any other sport thats fine......but if it is an NFL cap it is a NYG cap or nothing

    an unspoken rule Reuben ....c'mon bro!

    im sure someone will get in his ear about this issue!

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    I saw him at the mall earlier that day. He was wearing a hat too but i didnt notice if it was a dolphins hat

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