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Thread: First Fail

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    First Fail

    Really i think i just threw up in my mouth

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    Don't love a guard in the first, but I trust Reese

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    By far the worst 1st round draft pick of the Reese era

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    I'm gonna Pugh. Floyd, Rhodes,teo all sitting there. Reese better be right

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    how can just Pugh be considered BPA? but hes a Giant now so lets give him a chance..

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    Not knocking the pick even though im not crazy about it, but this proves we don't always take best available players

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    I trust Reese too!

    besides we needed an o-lineman and we just got one!

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    He's a G and a T. Why am I not surprised at this kind of reaction? Its a MAJOR need

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    By far the worst 1st round draft pick of the Reese era
    Huge gamble. Boom or bust, nothing else to say except I'm not happy

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    Is it possible that JR is right and we're all wrong? Just throwing that out there . . . .

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