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    Quote Originally Posted by Giant stuck in Texas View Post
    No pun intended I'm sure.

    The guy is getting the short end of the arms.....stick. He may be able to press for a starting position or may come up short.

    Seriously though the way people talk about his arms you wonder how the guy picks his nose or wipes his tail. Good thing he doesn't play center or Eli would have to carry hand sanitizer with him.

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    Hehehe, he'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYG4lifeNYK View Post
    Drafted him.

    Slap yourself if you're doubting these 3 PROVEN talent gurus.
    Im shocked so many are upset with this pick. We got a solid RT, who can play any position really. Aside from MLB, RT was our biggest need, and we got a great player.

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    The Pughinator is gonna prove all the haters wrong

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    eI just find this pick weird. I don't love it nor do hate it. People seem to forget that we have Brewer and two projects (who are raw but have tons of potential) in Brandon Mosley and Matt McCants. Those guys scouting reports were quite good-they basically said said they have starter potential if teams were patient with them. So far all the kicking and screaming for OL help, people forget how many mid round picks Reese used on O-lineman.

    So that is why it's a head scratcher. We have the number on the o-line. We need defensive playmakers and speed guys. Why we didn't pick Bjoern Werner to pair which his German brother Markus Kuhn Korea Desmknd Trufant is beyond me. We are the New York Football Giants and in this division, defense is a premium. I sincerely hope JR goes nuts on D with the rest of the draft.
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    i wanted long all day, since last year at Oregon, and the damn next pick 20, Long to the bears,

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