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    If we draft Khaseem Greene or even if Okafor falls i'll feel a little better lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    I know that feel bro. We were all laughing about the Pugh mock last night and look what happened haha. I mean we could have taken Quessenberry from San Jose State if we were looking for a mobile, versatile OL like Pugh. I'll be thrilled if we can get someone like Justin Hunter, Arthur Brown, Damontre Moore, etc tomorrow.
    Sounds good. I have no clue anymore what Reese is looking for though. I actually thought I had a good feel for his style and even called the David Wilson being on his radar after the SB last year. Now I feel like I've been duped. Hell he might shock us again tomorrow and take Tyron Mathieu with the 2nd pick. I have no idea what to expect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    Frederick was even a worse reach he was 102 on my list
    I wanted Travis so much but as a 3rd round pick ( my last mock ) That kid is nasty.
    Darn Cowturds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    I'm thinking one of Te'o, Brown, or Minter will fall to us. I'm happy that Reese is not on the Ogletrain...
    Dude just let it go, Ogletree has been picked by another team u can stop talking about him now... finally

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    Alot of people don't understand how this stuff works....there's a reason why BPA is the best approach & the teams that always draft for need come up short...not mention, any guard or RT that you pick in the top 20 better have AllPro written all over him....there's a reason why passrushers & CBs make more $$$ than guards.....this isn't about Pugh being a bad player, he may become a solid starter on this line, but it's a bad pick value wise....there's going to be alot of feelings hurt if Pugh is a career backup and Floyd is a beast in the middle & Rhodes shutting guys down....

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