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    Brown,carradine,jamar Taylor or Cyprien.....many won't agree, but I feel like they'll all be gone & one of these guys are worth trading up for....all of those guys coulvdve been late 1st rounders & nobody would've batted a eye....awesome value 5-10 of the 2nd

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    I thought about this too but, I don't think they go OL in 2nd simply because there probably won't be any 2nd Round talent at OL when they pick. Menelik Watson or Terron Armstead would be great picks at that spot but, I don't think they'll be there. Brown, Minter and even Teo just might be. One of them will. Maybe even Zach Ertz.

    Fact of the matter is, none of use really know it what direction the team is going to go in. While it's a solid pick and a pick for need, I think Pugh sort of threw us all for a loop, even if Mayock mocked him to us. I trust this team when it comes to drafts and if Mayock likes the pick, I'm sold.

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    I'll be happy if they trade back a few picks. I really like LB's kiko and khasim. If they stay, Taylor(cb),Cyprien(s), Hunt(DL), Tank(DL) in no particular order. I like Brown as well but I don't think he is big enough. Kiko is 6'4 and can probably gain a few pounds.

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    Sio Brown would be a nice pick up.

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    I'm praying for brown,Cyprien,carradine,Taylor...

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    Really hoping either Teo, Minter, Brown falls to the Giants

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    I don't want Minter in the 2nd. That may not fly with some people here but I'm not as high on him as most....I think I'd be disappointed.

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    I would be THRILLED with Jamar Taylor/Brown/Sio Moore/Slay/or Te'o. Jamar Taylor is my guy though.

    I've seen all of these guys potentially falling to us in the Mocks I have looked at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    Id love Sio or Arthur Brown. Would not be upset if they went corner and took Wreh Wilson or Slay either. And I would be ok with Lemonier.
    we're on the same page, would love any of those guys and Khaseem in the 3rd



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    Arthur Brown, Khaseem Greene, Jordan Poyer, Jamar Taylor, Jonathan Banks, Alex Okafor, Margus Hunt.
    Mock Draft 2.0 (1/26/15)

    1. Brandon Scherff OG/RT Iowa
    2. Denzel Perryman ILB UM
    3. Durell Eskridge S Syracuse
    4. Jamison Crowder WR Duke
    5. David Johnson RB UNI
    6. Terry Williams DT ECU
    7. Ali Marpet G/T Hobart
    7. Donald Celiscar CB WMU

    Free Agency

    Resign: JPP, Rolle, Cullen Jenkins, Thurmond, Fells, John Jerry
    Cut: Kiwi, Beason
    Sign: Terrance Knighton, Sean Weatherspoon,

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