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    What tunnel do the Giants Come out of???

    Hello. I'm a die hard BIg Blue fan up here in Canada. I'm looking to go to the "Manning Bowl" and I'm looking for the ultimate experience. I was told told to buy tickets near the Giants tunnel. People have said, if you go early enough (during warm ups) that there is a good chance to get autographs. If so, what tunnel do they run out of? Can I get autographs?Thx

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    They come out of the tunnel at Section 104.

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    I usually go into the stadium early. I haven't seen players give autographs before the game. They are pretty much into their routine. Sometimes a player goes out to the sideline to see some family or friends. I would imagine the autograph signings could get pretty distracting before a game. The few times I was able to get on the field, I had to promise not to ask for autographs or ask players to talk or take pictures. Still very cool to get up close and hear the pre game chatter.

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