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No we dont have any
Its crazy that there is pretty much little to no footage on these guys! I mean no offense to you or draftbreakdown.com I would not expect you guys to cut film for late rounders/UDFA players. Yourself and the site have a good selection of film and I really like visiting the site to view the videos and did many times pre draft and have done so post draft as well. I mean there are highlights of total no names on youtube and at least Cooper Taylor is a pretty solid prospect compared to some of the film I can find of some randoms. Michael Cox is more understandable but almost equally as frustrating because he is the only skill offensive player we drafted and I enjoy watching highlights/games of skill players we draft on offense.

The only games I can find on youtube of "Mike Cox" haha still gets me... is some of his worst overall games and they are highlights that feature maybe one or two plays of him out of 5 minutes of video. I really wanted to see the Miami Oh game of him where he had like 180 yards rushing and 2 TD's but I cannot locate it. Cooper Taylor is just as hard to find quality film on because most of Richmonds highlights are offensive which is understandable unless it is a big defensive play.. I wish there was a site for the Giants that would a legit amount of film for the players they select. **** I would do it if I knew how to cut and place clips if I had full games to work with haha.