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    Quote Originally Posted by nycsportzfan View Post
    This draft is a major BUST lol

    Okafor even Greene were right there, i sense major regrets..give it up for Jerry Reech!

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    What a horrible pick. Wheres the need?

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    Yeah he showed he's money...Monopoly money

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    Confucius say me no like.. Good player but we have more needs n other spots we should have filled first but we shall see

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    Quote Originally Posted by myles2424 View Post
    What 3 down lbs are available in your opinion?
    For mlb, art brown. Other choices are sam backers that can get after the qb on 3rd downs. I thought pass rusher and a big corner were our biggest needs. There hasnt really been an edge rusher available, but jesus christ. This draft is flat out ******ed.

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