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    Quote Originally Posted by egyptian420 View Post
    That's what I started telling myself to rationalize it, but I'd like to think I've heard of the best prospects at each position.

    Sure, there are Tom Brady's out there who aren't rated high and end up being superstars.....and they go in the 6th round!!! That's why I'm upset, because we could have gotten this guy or someone else later. This is NOT the 19th best player in this draft by ANY stretch of the imagination.
    Scouts Inc. had him as 22nd. Oh the tragedy he wasn't in the top 19 lol. You have little ammo to back your take on this pick.

    Position by position why the DT's, CB's, LB's and DE's you keep bringing up would not work.

    Jenkins, Joseph, Patterson and Kuhn with Rogers and Austin on the bubble. Only room for four guys maybe a 5th on rare occasion. Why draft a DT in the top 20 (has to be paid as such and we are in cap hell) here if he will just rot in the 4th or 5th spot on the depth chart. Jenkins and Patterson are not experiments nor camp fodder. Giants weren't going DT in the first round no matter what. This was evident the minute both Patterson and Jenkins signed here. Even if they cut Rogers and Austin, still only leave one spot for a rookie DT who at best would be 4th out of 5 or 4th out of 4 on the depth chart. Kuhn was drafted a year ago and has no shot of being cut especially since the Giants like him. Add to this that Tuck still will play some DT. DT was never happening.

    Cannot justify having three 1st round corners on your squad. Webster is also uncuttable as it would kill this year's cap. Prince and his top 20 rookie contract is locked. Hosley is locked. Webster, we're stuck with his contract. Then there's Ross. Giants would not re-sign Ross just to cut him later. Then there's Terrrel Thomas who may go to Safety but he is yet another DB. It is another case where a rookie CB will eat tons of cap just to rot on the bench. It just is not justifiable to pick corners three years in a row in the first few rounds let alone 2 in the first! There is no way it was ever going to be possible unless they cut Webster and that just cannot happen due to the cap hit they'd eat or they give up on Hosley after one year. Like with Kuhn that ain't happening.

    DE: You can make a case for Werner but he is ranked worse than Pugh by Scouts, Inc. so I don't know if that makes any sense. DE is not as big a need as OL. You don't pick a worse ranked DE over the better ranked O-lineman.

    LBer's: Te'o and Ogletree are morons dude. Te'o has yet to get picked and Ogletree only went to the Rams because they are even more desperate than the Giants to bolster their defense particularly at LB'er. Even with Ogletree going to the Rams he is a buffoon and barely survived the 1st round. Ogletree went to the Rams over Te'o only because Te'o is an even bigger buffoon than Ogletree, lol. Ogletree is ranked 19th, Te'o 21st while Pugh was 22nd per Scouts, Inc. Would you really want to go with one of those two imbeciles over a model citizen like Pugh based on that ranking comparison? No thank you!
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