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Thats not so bad, Nassib is very decent and could be a great replacement for Carr.
Geno's the best QB in the draft and the Jets got him in the 2nd round. I watched almost every West Virginia game last year and he did struggle towards the end of the season but for the most part the guy was a beast. Something like 46 TD's and 6 INT's with 71% completion. Mayock has destroyed the guy every chance he got that it rubbed off on a lot other people's opinions also. Mayock was also the same way with Cam Newton and look how he turned out.

I don't know here....The Jets had a VERY good draft IMO. They got Milliner, Richardson, Geno, (all considered top 10 talents) Winters and Aboushi who both are upgrades on their O-line. I'm sorry...I don't see how we can have a laugh at the Jets thread here. They have one of the best drafts out there IMO....as much as I hate to say it.