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    Report Card: Grading The Giants' Draft


    Excerpt: "Justin Pugh, OT, Syracuse

    Round 1, 19th pick

    A lot of the players the Giants were eyeing had been picked. Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker, Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro and LSU safety Eric Reid were all gone. In fact, the Niners traded with the Cowboys to take Reid right before the Giants picked. So the Giants opted to fill a big need with an offensive lineman they feel can play tackle, guard or center.

    Jerry Reese said he could not pass on Pugh's versatility. While they did pass on a potential top-10 talent in DT Sharrif Floyd, the Giants got a guy who could potentially enter the mix to start at right tackle this season. At the very least, Pugh offers immediate and much-needed depth on the line that Reese knows isn't getting any younger. Pugh could be a starter in 2014 when Kevin Boothe and David Diehl are expected to be free agents." Read more...

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    haha.. That picture isn't even Damontre Moore

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    I give the Giants a C- or maybe a C so far. The selection of Moore in the 3rd rd was of great value and pushed that draft grade up some. Moore was a potential 1st rd grade on many mocks.

    I have no problem with the O-line being addressed and adding youth. I just think 19 was a reach for Pugh. I just cant see passing on Floyd, Rhodes, Trufant when they were sitting there at 19. The same goes for the 2nd rd---Jamar Taylor and Arthur Brown were sitting there when the Giants selected, but decided to go with a 2 down player that may have some weight and conditioning issues. If the Giants wanted to go DT they could have gotten a top 10 talent in Floyd at 19 and possibly Pugh in the 2nd rd to address the O-line. Its not like Pugh is going to start this coming season, unless there are a rash of injuries at RT or G. Coughlin is known to not start his 1st rd picks from day 1. Thats why Rhodes, Trufant, Taylor, Brown or Floyd would have made more sense in Rds 1 or 2. At least they could get into a rotation or play ST.

    I sure hope that the Giants can find some value/quality at CB and/or LB the next few rounds. Im not confident with Webster and Ross at CB, and Hosley is a nickel back for the most part.

    I'm sure some of the homer fans will jump on me for my opinion, but I honestly think that this draft ranks near the bottom(rds 1 and 2 anyway) in the Jerry Reese era. But he does have a chance to redeem himself with solid selections today. I still stick with my C to C- draft grade so far though. I like the Damontre Moore pick though!

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    Grades mean zip at this moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    haha.. That picture isn't even Damontre Moore
    Yeah this is Jernigan ...

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    He gave pugh a B+??lol The guy was a mid 2nd rd prospect that went at pick 19.. Hes versatile yes, but theres plenty of versatile lineman out there.. Hes got some potential, and its a upgrade to our oline which is huge, but no way u can give Pugh a B+ grade, right below a A.. Thats crazy..

    Overall, we've had a solid draft, and the pick of Damontre Moore has really solidified it for me, and as much as Hankins endurance worries me, he could be valuable if were to lose Linval down the rd, so its grown on me a bit more, and i do think Pugh will be a solid Guard for us, but the value was terrible..

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    So...anyone who doesn't agree with your brilliant opinion is automattically a homer? lol.....classic BS post. You could have easliy just given your grade without all the huff and puff, and chest thumping. I love that people label themselves as "realist" by bashing our GM's picks simply because it wasn't the pick you wanted.

    Reese has already said that Pugh was his pick all along. People (including myself) have complained about our o-line and how bad our run game has been because of it. Reese addresses it with what will probably be our starting RT next season and now fans have changed his name to "Reach". It's laughable.
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    I thought there were reports that at least two other teams were looking at Pugh for the first round? How does that make him a second round prospect, besides the jabber of media hype? The real prospect value is what good GM's place on players and nothing more. Pugh has a high ceiling. The kid pulled a finance degree in 3.5 years while playing football. He's sharp and intelligent and moves well laterally. Mark my words, by mid season 2013/early 2014 people are going to be loving this kid.
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    The Giants being able to get Pugh in the second round is an assumption at best. Sorry to all the fans expecting big name picks. At least they didn't trade their 2nd,3rd,4th, and 7th and basically giving up on the rest of the draft for 1 WR, Cordarelle Patterson, lol.

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    I think this is a good draft so far. Pugh has the potential to be an all-pro guard. I've heard people say he would have gone very high if his arms weren't "short". Probably he's actually Snee's replacement. Hank is huge and the endurance issues seem to come from people looking at him after 65-70 snaps in college, he never came out of a game. He won't have to do that in a four man rotation. And he's young, all of them are, all juniors. Moore is only 20 years old. Most college players don't even get on the field until they're 20, this guy's got three solid seasons behind him. Moore's potential has not even begun to be realized, they just have to make sure he stays focused.

    If they can find some good quality special teamers, and maybe uncover a diamond in the next few rounds, I'll be very happy. After round three it's all about speed and athleticism to me. Players you get in those rounds shouldn't be pegged to fill a need, they should be people with upside who could blossom into surprise starters some day, and play special teams well right now. The RB from Stony Brook fits that profile to me, he seems to have a lot of potential.

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