I don't know why everyone is screaming for a linebacker or corner....neither position was a need

SLB - Rivers/Kiwi
MLB - Connor/Herzlich
WLB - Williams/Paysinger

Outside of Ogletree, no other linebacker in this draft would start over Rivers/Connor/Williams.

Corner - Prince/Webster/Hosley/Ross/Thomas

We already spent high picks in the 2011 (Prince) and 2012 (Hosley) drafts on young corners. You have to give these guys a chance to grow. Webster is counted on to bounce back. Ross is very underrated as a #4 corner - look at the 2nd half of 2011 especially the SB run, he was practically lights out for us, and he was starting then.

Our linebackers were hurt last year because our DTs were getting blown off the ball and not eating up space. Our corners were hurt last year because our DTs were getting zero push up the middle and QBs threw from a clean pocket. Our front office realized that, and went all in to fix the DT position, feeling that it will directly improve the LBs and CBs.