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Thread: 7th pick Eric Herman

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    7th pick Eric Herman

    Eric Herman

    New York Giants

    Seventh Round: 225th Pick

    Ohio University doesn't get a ton of national attention, and that's how a player like Eric Herman can go unnoticed. However, the draft process offers an opportunity for someone like Herman to make a name for himself.

    He has the type of game that will easily translate to the next level. Herman combines natural athleticism and strength with a non-stop motor. NFL teams will quickly fall in love with his competitiveness.

    Strengths Weaknesses
    + Size - High Pad Level
    + Nasty Streak
    + Strength


    Height: 6í4Ē

    Weight: 320 pounds

    Arm Length: 32 ľĒ

    40-time: 5.25

    Intangibles/Character: Ohio University benefited from the reliable and high-level play of Eric Herman. He started 40 straight games from his sophomore to senior season. Herman played each of those games with a ton of intensity.

    The image below shows an example of the type of aggressiveness Herman exhibited on every play:


    System: Hermanís size and raw strength make him a great fit for a power-blocking system. However, he also possesses the quickness off the ball to fit into a zone-blocking scheme. During his time at Ohio, Herman gained a ton of experience in a zone system.

    Pass-Blocking: The most important thing Herman needs to focus on in order to become a complete player is his pass protection. He boasts the athleticism and strength to excel in this area of the game, but he must improve the consistency of his technique.

    Below is a clip that shows Herman in an upright stance that limits his change-of-direction ability, anchor and balance:


    One thing helping Herman is that his future in the NFL is at the guard position. This will provide him some leeway to clean up his pass-protection technique.

    Run-Blocking: This is the area of Hermanís game where he shows the potential to dominate. He does a great job driving defenders off the ball, quickly getting off the line and gaining inside hand placement.

    The image below is an example of how his quickness off the ball can seal the defender from a hole. He quickly got across the face of the defender and kept him from making a play on the ball.


    This quickness also comes into play when Herman is asked to pull from this guard position. The below clip shows Hermanís ability to remain balanced as he provides a lead block. Donít be surprised if Herman comes off the board earlier than expected.


    Teams are going to fall in love with his combination of athleticism, strength and mean streak.

    Blocking in Space: Herman doesnít possess the fluidity to consistently hold up in space. This is why his best position at the next level is at guard. However, heís a good enough athlete to fill in at right tackle in a pinch.

    This is only a real possibility if he does a better job keeping his pads down throughout the play.

    Hand Fighting: Because of his upper body strength, Herman does a good job velcroing to the defender. In both the run and passing game, he always looks to gain inside handsórather than taking the punch-and-recoil approach.

    Herman is absolutely someone capable of controlling the line of scrimmage and the movements of his opponent.

    Recovery: The ability to keep a wide base gives Herman a strong anchor. This allows him to remain balanced after the initial contact and quickly re-set. Opponents have a tough time moving Herman off the line or getting a push on the pocket.

    Hermanís pad level is the one thing that hinders his recovery. When he gets too high, the defender can use his quickness to compromise Hermanís balance. This makes it more difficult for him to then change direction and react to counter moves.

    Technique: Other than some inconsistency with his pad level, Herman plays with good overall technique. He shows a commitment to playing with balance and fighting to gain inside hand placement. These are two of the main keys for all offensive linemen.

    Future Role/Versatility: Herman is a guard, but could potentially play right tackle in a pinch. This doesnít mean a team should go in that direction. Moving him to the outside would really play against his strengths as a player.

    As far as scheme is concerned, Herman features the skills needed to play in either a zone of power-blocking system.
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    Players come and go on the Free Agency Merry-Go-Round, but the N.Y. Giants will always be here!

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    he's a mean SOB. The pancake king. On and off the field!

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    he sounds good. this is the kind of drafting I have known the Giants for. Players that are not necessarily from the big schools but they are talent for their schools with good work ethics.

    I'm curious as to how our LB scenario will pan out. Free agency will pick up and un-drafted free agents are available soon.

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    Why is this moved. He's a Giant!
    Players come and go on the Free Agency Merry-Go-Round, but the N.Y. Giants will always be here!

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    32 arms? isn't that small lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjeep View Post
    Why is this moved. He's a Giant!
    probly just to piss off the almighty jeepy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    32 arms? isn't that small lol
    only for 1st rounders..

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    Won the bench press competition at the combine. Strong kid, but then again so was Mitch Petrus.

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    might get to see him play in 3 or 4 years.

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