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Thread: The oddest draft in Giants history?

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    The oddest draft in Giants history?

    Would you say this was the oddest/most unexpecting draft?

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    agreed. The Nassib pick especially. I like our draft. Beefed up the trenches.

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    Yes, very odd

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    The most unexciting unpredictable draft in Giants history

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    I would say the whole draft was strange!!!!!!!! Very strange.

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    I don't think so. Seems to be a normal JR draft. Take the BPA according to their scouting (rather than ours )

    We needed help on the lines, got it. We need a viable backup QB for the future (Carr will be gone next year for sure, if he even makes it through this camp). We need some S help, we got a prospect late. Did we get that star LB? No, but I don't think there were many stand outs this year anyways.

    Lets see what undrafted we sign as well as camp casualties before rushing to judgement.

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    If by strange you mean the media getting ahead of themselves self proclaiming certain players without any true information from GM's and scouts then yes, this was a very strange draft.

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    Most boring giants draft of all time? They didnt add a single playmaker(at least not any who will play, Nassib), nobody who can really run.

    Oh well, they hopefully upgrade the trenches a bit, and we dont have another draft like this for awhile.

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