[quote user="casvdry"][quote user="Morehead State"][quote user="casvdry"][quote user="RoanokeFan"][quote user="GrouchyGus"]Romo is looking pretty good throwing the ball today only problem he seems to be having is with the center exchange. Hopefully that will get worked out before the game. Looks like everyone that could possibly get healthy enough to play is going to be ready.[/quote]

Oddly enough there's a news article out today indicating he's been limited but is expected to start. We GIANTS fans hope he does play, it assure a win for us.

Not sure I agree with this. People seem to think Romo has a habit of blowing games when in all actuality, there are many other failings that are to blame.

I've often heard Romo has the best 4th QTR rating of all active QB's. So I thought about it some and wondered how Romo could have a bad rap in the clutch, then. Maybe he has costly interceptions in the 4th QTR? So I did some research and I was wrong..

Since 2006 no quarterback -- not Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, has a better fourth-quarter passer rating than Romo (100.0). Only Brees (39) and Philip Rivers (39) have more fourth-quarter touchdown passes than Romo's 34. Only Brees (5,905), Manning (4,886) and Rivers (4,751) have more fourth-quarter yards than Romo's 4,712.</P>

has thrown 17 fourth-quarter interceptions, which is fewer than Brees (25), Brett Favre (25), Eli Manning (27), Jay Cutler (22) and Ben Roethlisberger (22) among others. Brady has just 11. Peyton Manning has 13.

People like blaming Romo for the Cowboy's problems a little too much.


There is no one stat that accurately portrays a QB as "clutch" or even "a choker". 4th quarter TD's come in many situations, including when a team is ahead and is piling it on. Even 4th quarter picks are tough to read because they can also come when a team is way down and is taking greater risks.</P>

You have to go by what you see. The Cowboys have blown games with horrible interceptions by the QB this season, and also in previous years.</P>

Romo is a good front runner. When things are going well, when the offense is matching up well, he really can be productive. The test is when it comes down to those few moments when he has to put the team on his shoulders. It also comes when you are ahead or tied in a close game and know how to protect the ball. </P>

Looking at Romo's history, it seems that even from the Giants/Cowboys playoff game in Jan. 08, this is where he has fallen short.</P>

Romo isn't clutch. He's productive, but not clutch. Does he choke? Who knows.But he hasn't shown the ability to dig deep in adverse situations and come through.</P>


This is all true, but what QB doesn't make mistakes in the 4th quarter? Moreover, what mistakes in the 4th qtr are masked when the defense rises to the occasion to prevent the other team from getting points in those situations?

The pick against the Jets was a glairing rookie mistake. The performance against Detroit was complete ineptitude when his team needed him most.</P>

Obviously, Romo can begin the process of undoing a very well earned reputation as a QB who lacks "clutchness" with a great performance tomorrow. (we obviously hope not on the side of the good guys). But its taken him several years to develop this reputation. There comes a time to admit that this is simply what he is.</P>

Productive.....not clutch.</P>