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    good corners become mediocre under perry fewell. It's hard to be good in his system. Even though that was half a joke I oddly enough want to believe it. Anyway, if c-webb plays how he did last year expect ross to fill in for him. I like hosley, but I don't know if he'll be good on the outside, I look foward to seeing what he can do this season. As for the rest, prince is really our only solid CB as of now unless webster can get his **** together. Thats why people wanted a cb this draft. As long as prince can stay healthy, and c webb can play better than last year and hosely makes improvements we'll survive.

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    I wish I could change the name of this thread to, "Why does NYG4life not want a CB?"

    I know we all have our opinions, but was I watching a different team last year? Our corners reek and if they dont step it up they will be exposed early again this year. Im as hopeful as anyone that Webbys back to his old self, T2 stays healthy, and Ross, well not much to be said there. JR desperately failed to fill this hole in a corner-friendly draft. I just hope this group can turn it up a notch, but have trouble believing in them since its pretty much the same guys as last year.

    Came back to add that Im pulling for Hosley to grab a starting role, as he was sick to watch in college.
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    Simply because they wanted a top flight corner next too Prince. I don't think the Giants had two great CB's next too each other a lot, and they had an oppurtunity for it this year.

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