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Thread: So we only signed two UDFA's so far?

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    Question So we only signed two UDFA's so far?

    Really?...... So many players I wanted us to sign...

    Kevin Red****
    Chase Thomas
    Xavier Nixon
    Alvin Bailey
    Da’rick Rogers
    Michael Buchanan
    Adrien Bushell

    Kind of scratching my head with the lack of activity.
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    Ralph Vacchiano @RVacchianoNYDN 50m
    Giants have signed 5 UDFAs. They have room for one more without cutting another player. Here's the list so far ... sulia.com/c/new-york-gia…
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    Five so far:

    1. Chase Clement, TE
    2. Alonzo Tweedy, S
    3. Etienne Sabino, OLB
    4. Charles James, CB/PR
    5. Charles Dieuseul, ILB

    PS I love James. Go to You Tube and check him out. WOW!!!!!!

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    I like James too.. even though he has 2 first names.. Oh well

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    We could only sign 6, but we can invite more to the rookie camp.

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    I just want the season to start.
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    Sabino looks interesting. He broke his leg as a senior, but has some petential.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen0820 View Post
    I just want the season to start.
    Seriously. I'll settle for training camp, though (or does that count as the season for you?)

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    we got a ILB "the diesel" check it out. now we know why we drafted as we did. http://boards.giants.com/showthread....om-Mount-Union

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