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    Hindsight draft 2013

    Made this thread a year ago. Now that we know who went where...who would you have selected with the giants picks?

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    No One we picked!!!!

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    Sharrif Floyd
    Arthur Brown
    Brennan Williams
    Barrett Jones
    Stansly Maponga
    Jordan Poyer
    Ty Powell
    Connor Vernon

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    All and all Good Draft, Would have taken someone else at 1, but O line a big need and they know better. The 2 &3 picks wer rated late 1's on alot of mocks Look at Peyton and Brady they got hurt, Eli aint Superman. Carr , No. Need a young guy to back up Eli, Good Pick..I question #5 more Injuries then a 10 year pro, Rest is a crap shoot as are they all till they get to camp. Draft over Rated as is all sports. TV MONEY, ESPN Money. TV controls all sports MONEY. Whats my NFL pack gonna cost this Year? Another Monopoly that ties me to Direc TV if I want to watch Giants in Florida again Money. On Paper I give Giants a B

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