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    Quote Originally Posted by TCHOF View Post
    It's actually a pretty good prediction.

    At DT though I could see Kuhn starting the season on the PUP
    That's good point as well. I would imagine the Giants will be careful with him and he will start the season on the PUP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    Or we can question Eli's arm strength again..
    I will start. Eli should be replaced by our new qb cause Eli's arm aaaint aint what it use to be, aint what it use to be aint what it use to be or evern been.

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    without getting too detail oriented - i think cooper makes it over sash.

    No way moore replaces tuck just yet - but adds to rotation for sure.

    I think we keep 6 wideouts.

    Not sure ojomo would clear waivers for ps so he might be a guy we'd have to keep on the roster if he has another good preseason.

    It would be shocking if jenkins got cut - be surprised but not totally shocked if austin gets cut. I think if patterson is healthy he is a nice run stopper - obviously hankins is a younger version but i think he could help - log jam at DT may actually push Kuhn out too - younger but im not sure he's nearly as talented and with hankins being the newest prospect i think kuhn and austin are in trouble.

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    I would drop Cordle and add another DT.

    Think Tweedy makes team over Sash, but may take only 5 CBs and take both.

    Ojomo may make it over Tracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post

    CB (6):
    -Prince Amukamara
    -Corey Webster
    -Aaron Ross
    -Terrell Thomas
    -Jayron Hosley
    -Laron Scott =or= Terrence Frederick

    SS (3):
    -Antrel Rolle
    -Will Hill
    -Tyler Sash

    FS (2):
    -Stevie Brown
    -Ryan Mundy
    what intrigues me with the roster is the experience and knowledge of the 2ndary!

    its some real average to above average players back there especially corner!

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    Cooper will be on the 53....

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    What does Perry Fewell have to work with? none of those players we drafted will be starting this year. We're going in to the season with the same defense minus a few guys.

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    Alright, I'll play. This is of course barring injuries (which sadly seem to be inevitable in training camp and pre-season).

    QB (2): Eli Manning, Ryan Nassib

    With roster spots at a premium, I don't see 3 QBs making the roster. In all reality, the season is done if Eli goes down whether the backup is Carr or Nassib. This is true for any team with a superstar QB. Nassib is kept on to develop. Carr or another veteran could be signed off the street in mid-season if the unthinkable were to happen.

    RB (4): David Wilson, Andre Brown, Ryan Torain, Da'Rel Scott

    Wilson and Brown are obviously the top two options out of the backfield - and I will bring Torain back into a fold as a veteran presence. That leaves Scott and Michael Cox to compete for the 4th spot, and early on I'm inclined to go with Scott since he can help on special teams and Cox is eligible for the practice squad.

    FB (1): Henry Hynoski

    This is obvious. Hynoski rules.

    WR (6): Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, Louis Murphy, Jerrel Jernigan, Kris Adams

    The first five figure to be locks, even Jernigan. I don't think the Giants are willing to give up on him yet, and with Wilson now being the starting RB I think Jernigan will get the first crack at being the primary kick returner. I do think there will be 6 WR's and I admittedly don't know much about any of them, so I'll just go with Adams for now as he's got some limited regular season exposure.

    TE (3): Brandon Myers, Bear Pascoe, Adrien Robinson

    No surprises here. I'd be interested to see if they actually activate Robinson this year and give him a chance to work his way into the passing game.

    OL (9): Will Beatty, Kevin Boothe, David Baas, Chris Snee, David Diehl, Justin Pugh, Jim Cordle, James Brewer, Brandon Mosley

    The first four are locked in to starting jobs. Although most people on here want him gone, I don't see Diehl being released at this point. Barring somebody else really stepping it up in camp I believe Diehl will be the starting RT again. Pugh will obviously make the team, and Cordle is the primary backup at G and C. I don't think they are ready to give up on Brewer. Mosley was a 4th round pick and didn't get a chance to play last year, so I think they'll give him a chance and have him get his work in all along the line during camp. Eric Herman goes to the practice squad.


    DE (4): Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mathias Kiwanuka, Damontre Moore

    The first four will be there without question, but unfortunately based on the numbers and needs of other positions I think that might be all they have room for. I do think those four could be an excellent rotation, though. Maybe Adrian Tracy should go back to LB in pre-season? It would help his chances. Adewale Ojomo can hopefully be snuck onto the practice squad - he would be eligible despite being on the 53 all of last year since he was only active for one game.

    DT (5): Linval Joseph, Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson, Johnathan Hankins, Marvin Austin

    There are currently 7 DTs who could potentially make the roster, but with the numbers game as it is I believe at least two will be cut. I'm giving Marvin Austin one more chance. He was only a second round pick two years ago and it's not the Giants style to cut guys like that so early. Shaun Rogers and Markus Kuhn are the casualties - sadly Kuhn barely missed out on being practice squad eligible.

    LB (6): Keith Rivers, Dan Connor, Jacquain Williams, Spencer Paysinger, Mark Herzlich, Alonzo Tweedy

    The first five will be on the team. Given the current state of the roster it's rather slim pickings for the final LB spot - but I'm actually going to go with Tweedy who is a LB/S hybrid. He was great with special teams in West Virginia, and so if he displays those skills in pre-season I have no doubt Coughlin will find a way to get him onto the roster.

    CB (5): Corey Webster, Prince Amukamara, Jayron Hosley, Terrell Thomas, Aaron Ross

    This is a big year for Prince and Hosley - the Giants badly need them to stay on the field this year and to step up. Without that, it could be a long season. I'll put Thomas on the 53 for now in hopes that he's finally fully healed and ready to go. If he starts on PUP or the short-term IR, I've got enough defensive backs where the Giants might want to use Thomas' freed up spot keep somebody at another position, such as Tracy.

    S (5): Antrel Rolle, Stevie Brown, Ryan Mundy, Will Hill, Cooper Taylor

    I'm pretty confident in all of these guys making the team. Taylor beats out Tyler Sash for the final spot as the Giants seem to be really high on Taylor. With his height it would be great if he can help out with the Giants' major issues on covering TEs.


    K (1): Josh Brown
    P (1): Steve Weatherford
    LS (1): Zak DeOssie

    There's really no debate about this group. I know the Giants signed David Buehler as well, but I really think that was an emergency move since they didn't know if they'd bring Tynes back or what other kickers would be available. Brown would have to have a horrendous pre-season to not make the roster.


    TOTAL: 53

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post

    QB (3):
    -Eli Manning
    -Ryan Nassib
    -David Carr

    RB (4):
    -David Wilson
    -Andre Brown
    -Da'Rel Scott
    -Ryan Torain

    FB (1):
    -Henry Hynoski

    OL (9):
    -Will Beatty LT
    -Kevin Boothe LG
    -David Baas C
    -Chris Snee RG
    -Justin Pugh RT

    -Jim Cordle C
    -Brandon Mosley G/T
    -David Diehl T
    -James Brewer T

    WR (5):
    -Hakeem Nicks
    -Victor Cruz
    -Rueben Randle
    -Louis Murphy
    -Jerrel Jernigan

    TE (3):
    -Brandon Myers
    -Adrien Robinson
    -Bear Pascoe

    Total offense: 25
    DE (4):
    -Jason Pierre-Paul
    -Justin Tuck
    -Damontre Moore (may leapfrog Tuck by week 1)
    -Adrian Tracy

    DT (4):
    -Linval Joseph
    -Johnathan Hankins
    -Markus Kuhn
    -Cullen Jenkins =or= Mike Patterson =or= Shaun Rogers

    SLB (2):
    -Keith Rivers
    -Mathias Kiwanuka (i'm keeping him here due to sheer lack of LB depth, he'll probably play on the line until Rivers gets hurt)

    ILB (2):
    Dan Connor
    Mark Herzlich (though I hope to god a UDFA takes his place)

    WLB (2):
    -Jacquian Williams
    -Spencer Paysinger

    CB (6):
    -Prince Amukamara
    -Corey Webster
    -Aaron Ross
    -Terrell Thomas
    -Jayron Hosley
    -Laron Scott =or= Terrence Frederick

    SS (3):
    -Antrel Rolle
    -Will Hill
    -Tyler Sash

    FS (2):
    -Stevie Brown
    -Ryan Mundy

    Total defense: 25


    Special teams (3):
    -Josh Brown K
    -Steve Weatherford P
    -Zak DeOssie LS

    -Eric Herman G
    -Matt McCants T
    -Michael Cox RB
    -Adewale Ojomo DE (yes he's eligible, that one game doesn't make it an accrued season)
    -Whichever of Laron or Terrence that doesn't make it CB
    -Cooper Taylor SS
    I think we keep 5 DB's which cuts Scott or Fredrick.
    Cooper makes the Safety cut which means Sash is gone.
    Torain is gone making room for Cox.
    We go in with 4 LB's, and 5 DT's. It seems weird but that's the nature of our Defense. We will be in 2 LB set's and 3 Safety looks for the majority of games so keeping fresh bodies on the DL will be more of a priority than depth at LB. I say we keep Jenkins and Rogers only if Hankins doesn't pan out earlier. If he does then we keep Patterson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    What does Perry Fewell have to work with? none of those players we drafted will be starting this year. We're going in to the season with the same defense minus a few guys.
    Maybe they won't be "starting" but they have the potential to make some major contributions
    Jonathan Hankins looks like he can clog up the running lanes pretty good...

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