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Thread: Question regarding Justin Tuck and David Diehl

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    Tuck is still here, 1 more year because of contract & situational use will get the last drops out of the gas tank. But Tuck is smart, causes no trouble & goes hat in hand into Rees's office, unlike some recent Giant players who just couldn't come to terms with the hand writing on the wall that, father time has caught them & it's just about over, ie Barber, Shockey, Jacobs, & Osi, all Great Giant players during their time in the sun, but don't let the door hit you in the *** when it was time to go....IMHO

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    I remember when Orakpo was picked by the Redskins in the draft, the announcer said that with guys like David Diehl at tackle, pass rushers should thrive in this division. That was 4 years ago. Do you think Diehl got better or worse since then?

    Plus Tuck played really well in the playoffs, when people watch the most.

    I think you can categorize Tuck's career in BF and AF. Before and After Flozell. Now he has to play at half-speed so he has enough for the occasional big play or big game. It bums me out to think about what might've been for him.

    Diehl played to his potential, and he should be proud of that. It's just hard work that he made the best of his borderline NFL talent. LOTS of hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rush4Blitz2 View Post
    Tuck plays a position that gets results and was only below average from a defenders standpoint. Diehl was just flat out bad last season. I'd give a older guy that shows flashes more of a shot than one that was just consistently bad all year.

    Tuck and Osi were bad last year, JPP had a below average season. The entire OLine sucked last season and Diehl was a part of that. He's older and has redone his contract saving the team a few $M. Sticking with the original OP, they both played poorly. Diehl's performance is in decline after 10 years. The answer for Tuck is not that simple buy if he doesn't regain his form this season, I hope they let him go in FA.
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    I think they both had pretty awful seasons the past 2 years. I still have hope in Tuck to bounce back but at this point in Deihl's career I see him as a back up at best.

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    Tuck is not going to give us much this year. Or if he does, I will believe it when I see it. Diehl is just Diehl. He can't help growing older and slower but that is what he is. Time has come for both to become Giants fans instead of Giants players. Hope they retire as Giants. I have some fine memories of both men in their hey days.

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