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    Is it just me...

    ...Or would the Cardinal's new draft class have been a dream come true for the Giants? J. Cooper (OG), K. Minter (ILB), T. Mathieu (CB), A. Okafor (DE/OLB), E. Watford (OG), S. Taylor (RB), R. Swope (WR), A. Ellington (RB), D.C. Jefferson (TE). The Cardinals draft would fill all of the Giant's major needs with good value at each pick. This draft would have significantly reinforced the OL, added a much needed ILB, pass rusher, and cornerback, added RBs for when Brown leaves for FA, an extra WR body who is a possible steal, and a TE for Pope to develop. I know it is somewhat futile to dream on what could have been this weekend, and I am relatively optimistic about JR's 2013 draft class, but the Cardinal's picks had me salivating as I reviewed the rest of the NFL's draft classes.

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    It's a good draft.. But they had the 7th pick

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    Not big on Minter. Reminds me of Phillip Dillard.

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    The value in the 3rd and 4th was Stupendous.

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    The Mathieu pick is going to come back to bite them...

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