Rd 1 Analysis: Folks, DD is in decline and we have hole at RT, and Brewer is no proven replacement. In addition to this, Snee won't play for much longer. JP can come in right now and be a starter. He can play several positions, but flexibility is no reason to draft a player at 19. At that spot you are looking for above average potential. I think JP can be a really good guard. We only have a one year deal with Boothe. The experts all say his game tape is awesome. We needed Oline help, and have needed help for the past few years. We don't have another 3 years to wait for a project pick to develop.
Rd 2 Analysis: Why in the world does anyone bring up Kuhn and Austin as a reason not to draft a DT? Neither proved they were great at anything, though Kuhn showed off limited potential. Hankins is more powerful than either one, by far. He was the second best run defending tackle after Lotulelie (sp) in the draft. We were soft up the middle last year and this may address that issue for the long term. 30 year old Mike Patterson nor 35 year old Rogers are long term solutions, and did not factor into any draft decisions.

I have been BEGGING for a run stuffing DT for years now and we finally drafted one. A guy built to play 1 tech at the 3 tech. Best pick of the draft if he comes to play. Yes, Kuhn and/or Austin are now expendable. This kid has the potential to dominate at the point of attack like Robbins and the Hammer, freeing up our LBs to make plays. I don't see how you could have watched last year's run defense and feel Joseph alone is all we need. I love this pick. Hankins is our new run stopping gangster!

Rd 3 Analysis: Great value here for Moore, but heís 250 lbs and I see him as speed rush specialist. We have time for him to develop. I hope he can stay focused with all that NYC has to offer a 20 year old kid with a phat bank account. I like that he has proven production. The kid just needs to get stronger and treat this as a job.

Rd4 Analysis: Nassib. IDK if I would have moved up to get him. We should start grooming somebody behind Eli, but it seems kind of early. Eli should have at least 5-6 years left. I understand the logic so it wasnít that upsetting.

Rd 5 Analysis: Taylor Cooper seems like a great pick. I never heard of the kid, but heís got great measurable. Heíll be a great special teams guy and a force against the run and covering TEs. He could become a LB as well. Heís only 10 lbs away from 240. He could be a good safety or a really good LB if he can handle the transition. I love this pick.

I donít see much of a future for Herman or Cox; maybe Herman develops into something as a project linemen.

Final draft grade: Need- A+, Value B+