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    well worth taking a chance on as a UDFA. Great size and decent speed

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    He's a big receiver, 6'3, 233.. wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Montemayor View Post
    You mean to just fill a 53 man roster? Cuz if so, that ship has sailed. We have 85+ on our roster. There will be cuts, like always.
    At this point in time the roster can fit 90 players and thats the top amount of players you can have going into training camp. I was wondering if Marcus was the no. 90 or we were over the limit. But I just read some minutes ago he filled the final spot.
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    Giants are great at finding gems when it comes to undrafted fa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMW View Post
    Giants are great at finding gems when it comes to undrafted fa.
    Yup, I like this group of UDFAs alot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewz View Post
    He's a big receiver, 6'3, 233.. wow
    I like that about him also. He will be getting the best available training and coaching if he chooses to listen and learn. All up to him.

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    He better show the willingness to block downfield immediately or he's not going to have much of a chance. That won't fly here.

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    Marcus Davis caught 51 passes in 2012 and 30 passes in 2011. He had more catches than Corey Fuller (43 catches in 2012). Corey Fuller was taken in the 6th round by Detroit. He also played with David Wilson and Jayron Holsey. However Davis has a bad reputation as being a poor down the field blocker and poor route runner. He could surprise everyone and make it as an UDFA. Special teams will be his ticket. He will need to lose some weight. He is now 6-3 and 233. Will play better at 220 lbs. I think we are thinking he could make the practice squad and pretend to be Dez Bryant to get our DB's ready for a big physical receiver.

    This signing could mean the Ramses Barden will not be able to return.

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    Barden is definitely not coming back. Why would he want to and the Giants' don't seem to be interested.

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    After losing Barden and Hixon he is a great addition, along with Louis Murphy from the Panthers.

    Him and Cooper were two of my favorite late "possible" gems, I can't believe we snabbed both of them!

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