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    Pugh vs Nick Perry, Kyle Irving and practiced against Chandler Jones


    awesome article. but more importantly, he didn't give up a sack vs those 2 talented pass rushers. And in HS, he excelled as an athletic guard who could get to the 2nd level bc his HS offense ran the triple option (where G is more important than T really).

    I think that played a big part in drafting Pugh. You can see he handles speed rushers very very well bc of his footwork. He played hockey growing up, and playing OT is always compared with "playing on skates" and with Pugh you can see why. This kid is the real deal and is coming in ready to be the Week 1 RT imho. He can already handle pass rushers that turned out to be at least 1 of the best up n comers in Irving. And all that practice vs C.Jones had to help. I'm loving this pick more and more. Just watch a play of him @ Syracuse bc its all thats needed to see the mobility/footwork and angles he takes. Our OL honestly could get back to 2008 level. Its only as good as the weakest link and DD was a weak link.
    With Pugh, the unit should work much better. Beatty/Boothe can handle the left side of the line. Last yr, we struggled to the right (bc of DD and thus Snee really). With Pugh lined up outside Snee, I expect him to look more like the all pro than the 2012 version

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    and arm length or not, he can play LT. I honestly dunno how he lasted so long under wraps in the draft process. He moves as well as L.Johnson and is as technical (or close to) as Fisher/Joekel.

    I made a thread earlier and still feel he'd be a top 5-10 pick if he had the prototypical arm length.

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    Honestly I don't think the arm length will be that much of a factor, again he as the same length as the 3 time Pro-Bowler Joe Thomas. The build allows people to be good, but I think if they are more focus on technique the ceiling is higher.

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    Anyone seen film on Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel, wow those guys are like walls. As for Pugh he's an instant upgrade on this O line, I don't know how good he will be so I need to see him play first.. I think he was the 5th ranked OT in the draft. Btw does anyone know why Menelik Watson was rated higher than him on some scouting reports? he was also available at 19.
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    That was probably a not updated ranking. Pugh was a fast riser and a lot of teams were high on him. I feel that at #19 was a decent reach, I believe he would've went between 22-32, but since he can play everywhere and 2 of our O-lineman are coming out of injuries and our RT sucks Pugh makes sense.

    I believe that even Long was ahead of Watson.

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    Watson is a major project, he's only played 1 year of college ball.

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    Pugh was a good pick and I've gotten over our not taking a DE, DT, S, or CB with that pick. I think that Pugh is going to be a mainstay on the o-line for years to come. Would be even better if he wound up being our LT while moving Beatty to RT. Or becoming the C and cutting Baas to save money.

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    Watch him in this video, he struggles at LT against speed rushers

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    He got beat 3 times by Swim moves and 1 time by a Bullrush. None of them resulted into sacks. He does struggle against the swim moves, but that is something fixable I believe. I'm happy with what I saw, disappointed on Nassib though haha some of those interceptions were gross.

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    Pugh is the greatest lineman of all time.

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